Hand crafted spirits, bottling services, and private labeling.

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Contract Bottling & Private Label

Whether you want to create your own brand or your company is looking for bottling services for your current product on the West Coast, we have you covered.

We work with you to create a unique flavor and Branding for your product. We work with the TTB for approvals so your product can get to the market. 


- NV 36 Battle Born (Premium Blended Whiskey)

NV 36 is a creation of a collaboration of whiskey connoisseurs in tribute to the pioneers of this great state. We celebrate Nevada’s heritage by naming our spirit after the United States and the 36th states entrance into the union. A delightful blend of Aged Whiskey and Bourbon in Honor of the Great Battle Born State of Nevada. Try a unique smooth Sipping Whiskey from the driest state in the Nation!


- Francovich Manhattan (Premium Pre-Mixed Cocktail)

Our Manhattan is produced with Premium Aged Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey and Sweet Vermouth from the Vineyards of Northern California. We blend this mixture with Monnin Cherry Syrup that has the just picked flavor of ripe summer cherries then top it off with a small addition of bitters from the Fee Brothers Company in New York City


- Francovich Holiday Nog (Reno Holiday Favorite)

“Not Your Grandma’s Eggnog”
This local fresh favorite has been produced annually since 1870. Our spirit spiked Holiday Nog is produced with fresh nog made with whole milk, cream, egg yolks, sugar, spices and spiked with gold rum and aged bourbon whiskey.

Free of Artificial colorings and preservatives it has a light color speckled with fresh spice flakes and possess the delicate aroma that says, “Holiday Season”. Our Nog is not like the traditional eggnog. It’s light as milk and will turn an average nog drinker into a Francovich fan

Comstock Distillers provides a collection of premium spirits whose popularity has grown far outreaching the modest beginnings in Reno Nevada. Handcrafted limited runs of our premium NV 36 Whiskey, Virginia City’s famous Cemetery Gin, and the widely popular “ready to drink” Francovich Manhattan make Comstock Distillers a favorite of many Spirits lovers. Based in Reno, Nevada and taking advantage of the extreme temperatures and dryness lends to the unique flavors of our products. 

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